Grievance Letter – Grievance Procedure

How to write a letter of grievance to your employer to enter the grievance procedures. This page last updated 3.3.23.

This website has multiple grievance letter templates for bullying, harassment, discrimination, suspension, performance, disciplinary, whistleblowing and other employment matters including a flawed disciplinary investigation. Some of the templates are free, others are at a minimal charge i.e., £12-£22.

Sam Stone and his wife Amy can write you a custom grievance letter if:

You have been subjected to bullying and harassment at work.
You have been subjected to discrimination at work.
You have been put on a capability or performance improvement plan.
You have been suspended from work.
You need to blow the whistle to your employer UK.
You have been put on a disciplinary.
You have been unfairly dismissed.
You need to appeal a grievance outcome.
You need to appeal a disciplinary outcome.
You need to appeal a capability outcome.
You need to appeal a performance plan outcome.

Reach out to us at: or call during working hours 9-5 on 07775943414.

Grievance Letter Template UK

Do you need a Grievance Letter Template or Grievance Letter Example to enter the Grievance Procedures at work?

Then do yourself a favour and take a few minutes to read this page. Your employer’s grievance procedure are akin to navigating a minefield unless you know what you are doing.

Grievance Letter Template Example for Bullying, Harassment and/or Discrimination:

If you want to raise a grievance letter or submit a letter of grievance for bullying, harassment and/or discrimination, then click here.

Grievance Investigation / Workplace Investigation:

If you have already raised a letter of grievance and need help to understand the next steps in the grievance investigation / workplace investigation, then click here.

Suspension From Work & Your Employment Rights:

If you have been suspended from work and want to know your employment rights about suspension from work and/or want to raise a letter of grievance due to having been suspended from work, then click here.

Disciplinary Workplace Investigation Grievance Letter Example:

If you have been subjected to a flawed disciplinary investigation, an unfair disciplinary investigation, an unfair disciplinary procedure and/or are currently subjected to a disciplinary investigation / workplace investigation, and want to know your employment rights and what you can do, then click here.

How We Can Help You!

My name is Sam Stone. Amy & I have created this website to assist people like you who are:

  • Subjected to a disciplinary workplace investigation;
  • Subjected to bullying, harassment and/or discrimination at work;
  • Suspended from work;
  • Have been placed on a PIP or performance improvement plan;
  • Are currently going through the grievance procedures.
  • Are at risk of being dismissed.

My wife Amy & I have over 13 years experience in assisting clients like you going through one or more of the aforementioned procedures. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls, which most employees’ experience when going through any of the aforementioned procedures. You can visit our testimonials page with regards to thousands of people whom we have helped write grievance letters for over the last 13 years.

The reason for creating this website is because Amy & I have both previously been through the grievance procedures ourselves, and have personally experienced what you are now going though. Amy was subjected to sexual harassment and disability discrimination in the workplace by her employer. I was subjected to a performance improvement plan, suspension and disciplinary investigation.

Backed into a corner, we sought legal advice. However, we found the solicitors who we consulted either lacking in enthusiasm or tenacity to help us. Having consulted three different law firms to get advice, we were advised our cases were either too complex or had little merit of success.  We felt let down and betrayed.

Consequentially, Amy & I spent months in law libraries learning about employment law and our employment rights here in the UK. We successfully settled my case without having to go to the employment tribunal. This was down to sheer cunning on my part to box my former employer into a corner. Amy was not so lucky, and her employer wouldn’t settle, so I represented Amy in the employment tribunal. After a case management hearing and preliminary hearing in the employment tribunal, it was obvious we knew our stuff and weren’t going to back down. We managed to settle Amy’s case, despite all three law firms advising us to drop Amy’s case due to the threat of costs orders and strike outs.

Over the last 13 years, Amy & I have assisted thousands of people like you get justice and victory over their employers. Amy & I work seven days a week to provide our clients with the support and assistance they need. We put our clients first. You can visit our testimonials page. The Human Resources Department’s job is to protect the employer. Most of us who have had a run in with the HR Department will more often than not end up being left stressed, anxious and/or depressed. This is why I refer to the HR Department as the ‘Human Remains Department’ not least as on the balance of probabilities the HR Department will undertake a defective grievance investigation, which will leave you feeling frustrated, angry and marginalised.

We aim to do all we can to assist our clients in obviating the need to pursue the litigative route via the employment tribunal.

Having personally gone through and experienced what most of you are now suffering, Amy & I know first-hand the stress, anxiety and anger you currently feel. By the time most people contact us they are already suffering from work related stress, anxiety, panic attacks and/or depression.

We speak from the heart when we say to you that we understand the frustration, anger, sleepless nights, heart palpitations and anxiety, which you feel now. We have personally already trodden the path, which you now tread.

Given the fact that most employees’ have no knowledge of employment law, by failing to write an articulate grievance letter which outlines your employer’s breaches of your statutory rights, you will have played right into your employer’s hands. What many of our clients fail to articulate is that your employer will likely have an agreement with a law firm who will vet your grievance letter. As such, when you lodge your grievance letter with your employer, chances are you think you are dealing with your employer’s Human Remains Department. In truth, you are dealing with your employer’s solicitors without ever knowing it.

Writing a grievance letter is much like trying to bake bread for the first time; chances are you will get the grievance letter wrong first time around. The difference being, you only get one chance to write your grievance letter!

This is why Amy & I have written a ‘grievance letter template’ to aid employee’s just like you. Truth be told, the grievance letter template gives you an insight into the mechanics of writing a grievance letter to your employer. You do not have to use the grievance letter template verbatim, you can cut and paste in and out what you want. The fact remains the grievance letter template is an ‘aid’ to assist you in writing a better grievance letter to your employer.

Furthermore, the grievance letter template is broken down into three sections (1) work related stress (2) bullying and harassment at work (3) unlawful discrimination at work.

The ‘grievance letter template’ also contains points of law and legal precedents, which may pertain to your particular circumstances. This may aid you in defining what Statute or Regulation your employer may have acted in contravention of.

The ‘grievance letter template aid’ uses terminology in a way which you can understand. Furthermore, the grievance letter template outlines the steps you want to take before you lodge a grievance letter with your employer to invoke the grievance procedure, and the common mistakes you want to avoid in the grievance procedure.

Do yourself a favour and learn what Amy & I have learnt about employment law, and how employment law protects your rights as an employee here in the UK. Purchasing the grievance letter template aid will be the best twelve quid you will have ever spent – you have our word on it. If you feel the grievance letter template does not aid you in writing a better grievance letter to your employer, call us on 07775 943414 and tell us why, and we will refund your money.

Amy & I also write customised grievance letters too. If you need us to write a customised grievance letter to your employer to enter the grievance procedure and raise specific grievances, then contact us on the numbers above (business hours only) or email us. Whether grievance, disciplinary, performance or workplace investigations, Amy & I have over a decade of experience helping people like you.

Take sometime to read through the pages on this website. The pages on this web-site are here to help you! We have spent hundreds of hours making these pages, which are free of charge.

Remember, the only way you are going to beat your employer is to take the time to educate yourself like Amy & I did. If you don’t have time on your side, then follow the link on this web-site to contact us, so that we can assist you in writing your letter of grievance.

Kindest regards – Amy & Sam Stone

Disclaimer – The grievance letter template aid is an aid to assist you in writing a better letter of grievance. The grievance letter template aid does not amount to legal advice, nor should the template be relied upon germane to any specific situation you may be facing. Sam Stone accepts no liability for the use of any of the templates or pages on this web-site regarding any specific situation you may be facing. Sam Stone is NOT a solicitor. However, that said, Sam Stone has years of experience in helping people like you overcoming the odds at work. Take a few minutes to read my testimonials page, and the comments my clients have left over the years.

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