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What do I do if I have been put on a Performance Improvement Plan?

The Performance Improvement Plan or PIP is the fastest way for an employer to give an employee the boot. This could result in a claim to the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal. Over the last few years I have helped countless people who have come to me to draft a letter of grievance because the performance improvement plan was unjust, and unfairly instigated. 

How do I beat a performance improvement plan?

I have created a Template to aid you in raising a letter of grievance to protest the Performance Improvment Plan or Personal Development Plan.

How do I respond to a performance improvement plan?

The Performance Improvement Plan Template is 24 pages long. The performance improvement plan template outlines how you should appeal or protest the performance improvement plan.

The Performance Improvement Plan Template outlines 3 grievance letter examples, which you can send to your employer in the event you want to raise a letter of grievance having been put on (1) Performance Improvement Plan; (2) Personal Development Plan, or (3) Capability.

Buy this Template if you have been put on a PIP or PDP

The majority of time the real reasons why the employer instigated the performance improvement plan, is for one of the following reasons:

1. Because the employer is making redundancies, and wants to save money by managing people out of the Company by using the performance improvement plan as the vehicle to procure the dismissal;

2. A new manager has started, who is indifferent to you, and can’t stand you;

3. The employer needs to downsize. For the avoidance of doubt, I usually find that people whom work in IT, or as accountants are more often than not put on a PIP.

Is the performance improvement plan fair, and more importantly, within the range of reasonable responses?

The answer to this question lays in looking at employment law.

Pursuant to s.98(3) of the Employment Rights Act 1996, it states that an employer can dismiss an employee for grounds relating to ‘capability’. This means – “In relation to an employee, his capability assessed by reference to skill, aptitude, health or any other physical or mental quality.”

Thus, the employer can lawfully dismiss you on grounds of (a) capability (b) skill (c) aptitude and/or (d) health. However, putting you on an Personal Development Plan or Performance Improvement Plan and/or dismissing you on grounds of ‘capability’ could open up Pandora’s Box for your employer. Buy the Performance Improvement Plan Template Aid and find out how to take your employer to task for putting you on a (1) Performance Improvement Plan; (2) Personal Development Plan; or (3) subjecting you to a Capability or Discplinary for your performance.


I get a lot of employees’ who come to me to seek help in putting together a grievance letter example or sample because they have been put on a performance improvement plan. In the first instance, buy the Perfomance Improvement Plan Template. However, if you need my help after buying the Performance Improvement Plan Template, then contact me to assist you in drafting a grievance letter to your employer to enter the grievance procedure.

You cannot afford to wait to the last minute to contest the Capability / Disciplinary. If you feel the performance improvement plan is not fair or equitable, then make sure you contact me to lodge a grievance letter to enter the grievance procedure. Please visit my testimonials page. All enquires are held in the strictest of confidence.

Disclaimer – The Template does not amount to ‘legal advice’. I accept no liability for the use of the Template. The Template will ‘aid’ you in writing a letter of grievance in the event you have been put on a performance improvement plan.

Buy this Template if you have been put on a PIP or PDP