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Are you being subjected to bullying in the workplace? I cannot understate the importance of the letter of grievance, which you send to your employer. Although the grievance procedure is not a quasi-judicial procedure, it would be prudent to make sure the grievance letter you lodge, outlines a prima facie case against your employer.

In the event you refer to an Employment Tribunal, the employee [must] establish a ‘balance of probabilities’ case against the employer. This places the ‘burden of proof’ upon your employer to prove otherwise.

An employee who enters the grievance procedure, who fails to place the ‘burden of proof’ upon their employer, will very likely find themselves being dealt with in a heavy handed manner. Your employer will simply allege that you were acting in bad faith, and that your grievances were without  substance or merit, viz: that what you have alleged, did not, on the balance of probabilities, occur.

Therefore, it would be prudent to outline within your letter of grievance your employer’s breaches specific to its:

(i) relevant failures;
(ii) acts and omissions;
(iii) breaches of duties of care;
(iv) vicarious liability;
(v) torts;
(vi) breach of contract;
(vii) breach of mutual trust and confidence;
(viii) contraventions of ‘statutory duties’ germane to UK employment law/s.

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