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If you are looking for a grievance appeal template to assist you in appealing the grievance outcome decision germane to the grievance letter, which you lodged to enter the grievance procedure at work, then you are in the right place.

Since setting up I very often get asked how to write a grievance appeal letter. Due the demand from my clients who previously purchased the Grievance Letter Template Aid, I have now written a Template on How to Appeal a Grievance Decision to your employer.

Appealing the Grievance Outcome Letter:

How to write a letter to appeal the grievance outcome decision:- If you previously purchased the Grievance Letter Template Aid then you will have already articulated the importance of outlining both the facts and the law within your grievance letter to establish a prima facie case against your employer, in order to shift the burden of proof pursuant to s.136 of the Equality Act 2010.

However, equally important is the grievance appeal letter, which you lodge pending your employer’s grievance outcome decision.

I have no doubt that your employer will have denied all the allegations, which you made within your grievance letter, save those which were not a breach of a Statutory Act or Regulation. This is because your employer will not want to concede any liability, which could make it liable to pay you compensation.

White Wash of the Grievance Letter:

Chances are your employer has completely whitewashed the grievance letter which you lodged to enter the grievance procedure, stating for example things like –

“We could find no evidence of bullying or harassment”.

“The persons we interviewed did not see anything, which does not support your position that you were bullied”.

“There is no evidence of discrimination as you allege, or at all.”

Thus, what you have to do is rubbish the investigation which your employer undertook in investigating the grievances within your grievance letter, which you lodged to enter the grievance procedure. This does not come easy to most, as most employees who lodge a grievance appeal letter will not have the experience to counter the grievance outcome letter. Moreover, you are most probably already suffering from the side effects of work-related stress, anxiety and/or depression. This makes it hard to know how to appeal the grievance outcome decision.

Step in Sam Stone:

I have written a Grievance Appeal Letter Template, to assist you in overcoming the denials which your employer has written within its grievance letter outcome to you. I personally know the stress, frustration, anger, sleepless nights and anxiety, which the grievance process and grievance outcome decision causes; because I too had to lodge a grievance appeal letter for both my wife and I when we both went through the grievance procedure with our own employers.

However, both my wife’s employer and my employer picked a fight with the wrong employees. Put short, in my wife’s case I tied up numerous Human Resources Representatives on a full time basis during her 8 month sickness absence. I bombarded HR with letters, Subject Access Requests, Questionnaires, requests for further and better particulars and witness statements every day, to wear them down like they were trying to wear my wife down.

Notwithstanding, my wife’s employer wilfully delayed the grievance procedure by dragging it out as long as they could, in the hope that my wife would chuck the towel in and find new employment elsewhere. However, I lodged a total of 4 separate claims to the Employment Tribunal due to on-going discrimination and harassment. I ran circles around the HR Department and the Company’s Solicitors, who were neither smart enough nor articulate enough, and whom were in fact in my opinion, inept. My wife’s employer even sank so low as to remove whole tranches of letters, which I had submitted to the Company’s Solicitors as part of the Bundle to the Employment Tribunal.

To add insult to injury, after exhausting the grievance procedure my wife’s employer then alleged my wife had harassed employees prior to her sickness absence. Put short, her employer just kept digging themselves a deeper hole in which I buried them. I lodged a further claim with the Employment Tribunal for unlawful victimisation, injury to feelings, aggravated damages and stigmatisation.

The case was eventually settled out of court. Put short, I had made it cost prohibitive for my wife’s employer to litigate.

To this day, the injustice of how my wife was treated by her employer is what drives me to do what I now do, to help people like yourself. This is why I spent months making a website free of charge to assist and aid ordinary people like you, to know your Statutory Rights as an employee. Please read my testimonials page.

Having previously been instructed by hundreds of clients to draft their grievance appeal letters, what I have now done is written a Grievance Appeal Letter Template on how to appeal the grievance outcome decision. The Grievance Appeal Letter Template is to aid you in countering the denials, which your employer has written within your grievance outcome letter, viz: in order to help you write a lucid and articulate letter to appeal the grievance outcome decision.

However, I am still available to custom draft a letter of appeal if you require this service (please call me on 07775943414 during business hours only please). Outside of business hours please email me


How to Appeal The Employers Grievance Outcome Decision:

The Grievance Appeal Letter Template is an aid to assist you in countering some of the common sentences, which you will find encompassed within the grievance outcome letter. These ‘denials of wrongdoing’ are very often predictable, as Human Resources Personnel are more often than not trained by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). As a chess player myself, it’s a bit like playing chess with players who have all been taught by the same protégée. Put short, HR Representatives pretty much all use the same tactics, which are known to me, and which are easy to rebut and refute (if you know what to look for).

The Grievance Appeal Letter Template shows you the mechanics of breaking down the employer’s grievance outcome letter, and how to turn the tables germane to what the employer has written, to your advantage!

The Grievance Appeal Letter Template assists you in diagnosing the choice of words used within the grievance outcome letter, to draw inference on certain words, which your employer has used within its grievance outcome decision.

Don’t be a Lapdog – be a Rottweiler!

The key to lodging a grievance appeal letter to appeal the employer’s grievance outcome decision is to go on the attack, and not the defensive! This is a mistake nearly all employees’ usually make, and one which the Grievance Appeal Template Letter helps you avoid.

If your employer is making allegations against you, then your employer is equally fair game for you to make allegations against them, such as invoking your statutory rights under s.110; s.111 and s.112 of the Equality Act 2010, where you have been subjected to either workplace harassment or discrimination.

You have to use the knowledge of Employment Law to your advantage, to outwit, outsmart and outflank your employer at every step. The Grievance Appeal Letter Template will assist you in putting together an erudite and articulate grievance letter, to rebut the trammel of lies and denials within your employer’s grievance outcome decision.

Buy the Grievance Letter Appeal Template below for £20, and get it sent to your email address instantly once you have paid. Don’t wait, get started on it now!

NB: As of April 6th 2014, you can no longer lodge a claim to the Employment Tribunal until you have instigated pre-claim conciliation through ACAS. This is good, because it gives ACAS a reasonable opportunity to settle the matter out of court. Thus, by putting in a well written grievance letter and grievance appeal letter, on the balance of probabilities I am of the opinion your employer will be more inclined to settle out of court to obviate the litigative route, especially where you have rubbished your employer’s appeal letter outcome decision by lodging a well written letter of appeal!

Don’t be a Lapdog, be a Rottweiler!

Good luck and go and get them – Sam.