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Grievance and Disciplinary Hearing Procedure:

I have been asked by my clients to tell them what is likely to happen during the Grievance and Disciplinary Hearing Procedures. As such, I have written the Grievance and Disciplinary Hearing Template to help you prepare for either a Disciplinary Hearing or Grievance Hearing procedure.

The Grievance Hearing Procedure is supposed to allow the employee a reasonable opportunity to put forth their grievances after they have submitted a formal grievance letter to enter the grievance procedure (see Grievance Letter Template Aid for £12).

The Disciplinary Hearing and procedures is more often than not the vehicle utilised by Human Resources and/or Management to find a reason to give you the boot by either fair means or foul!

However, from all the clients I have helped to date (a few thousand) the employer uses the grievance hearing to see how it can get itself off the hook for what has happened, viz: bullying, harassment and discriminatory acts.

Thus, you cannot allow the employer the opportunity to simply wiggle off the hook for its torts or the tortious conduct of its management. Indeed, what you have to do is make your case to your employer in such a way that the employer cannot debunk what you state! The Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure Hearing Template discusses in detail the pros and cons of making covert recordings of either the Grievance or Disciplinary Hearing and procedures. The Grievance & Disciplinary Hearing Template also includes recent case law (2018) whereas the Employment Appeal Tribunal recognises that covert recordings (whilst distasteful) are sometimes a necessary ‘evil’ to get to the root cause of the problem.

The Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure Hearing Template also discusses the pros and cons of having “without prejudice” conversations with your employer in order to reach a settlement agreement.

The Following Applies:

For the avoidance of any doubt, (based on what I have seen to date) the employers HR Department are not impartial. Moreover, your employer’s Human Resources Department have an apparent conflict of interest in the grievance and disciplinary procedures and hearings, because they will more often than not side with their paymasters. This divests you of obtaining effective remedy and redress to your grievances. It may also divest you of having a fair and equitable grievance or disciplinary procedure hearing / meeting.

The Grievance Procedure can be nerve racking, as more likely than not you are already having sleepless nights, night sweats, and probably exhibiting the signs of anxiety attacks and depression having finally plucked up the courage to report your manager (amongst others) for bullying you.

However, don’t fool yourself into a false sense of belief, that just because you have raised a formal grievance letter with HR, that the HR Department will come in and save you like some knight in shining armour!

As such, I have written a Grievance and Disciplinary Hearing Procedure Template to both aid and assist in guiding you through the grievance and disciplinary procedures, so you are better prepared for either a grievance or disciplinary procedure hearing, and furthermore, have some options in the likely event your employer acts in a capricious manner during either the grievance procedure hearing or the disciplinary procedure hearing meetings.


The fact is, by purchasing the Grievance ad Disciplinary Hearing Procedure Template Aid above for £16, you will be better prepared for the grievance and disciplinary procedure meeting, and of what to say and what not to say during any Hearing.

Much like the Grievance Letter Template Aid, the Grievance and Disciplinary Hearing Procedure Template above is to aid and assist you to make informed decisions and to understand the do’s and don’ts of the grievance and disciplinary procedures, including what to say, and what not to say at the grievance and disciplinary procedure hearing!

Don’t fall foul of a heavy handed employer! Get the upper hand in the Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure Hearing and learn all the tactics, which I myself have learnt in helping hundreds of people just like you, on how to conduct themselves during the Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure Hearings. Buy the Template NOW and alleviate the fears of your employer’s HR Department getting the upper hand on you during the Grievance Hearing and/or Disciplinary Hearing Procedures.

As a bonus, the Grievance & Disciplinary Hearing Procedure Template includes case precedents germane to covert recordings; sickness pay; reasonable adjustments; bullying and harassment; discrimination and Occupational Health Reports.