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Example Witness Statement

This is an example of a witness statement which your workplace colleagues could provide you with. It does not need to be too long. It needs to elucidate what your colleagues both saw, and heard. Wherever possible get somebody (other than yourself) to witness the person’s signature, who has made the ‘statement’. Are looking for a grievance letter template to send to your employer?


DATE ??/??/????

1. My name is Henry Smith. I am an employee of ??????

2. On ??/??/20?? at approximately 13:00 hrs, I was undertaking some photocopying on the fourth floor of (company name).

3. It was at this time I saw Mr. Shart approach Ms. Vasquez. I clearly overheard Mr. Shart state the following:

4. “I want to give you a large portion”.

5. Mr Shart then grabbed his crotch with his hand. He looked at Ms. Vazequez suggestively, whilst licking his lips.

6. Ms. Vasquez was clearly embarrassed, and flushed. She turned, and faced away from Mr. Shart.

7. Other people in the room at the material time were Teresa Green and Mike Hunt.

This witness statement has been provided by Mr. Henry Smith. I have provided this witness statement in good faith, the contents of which are a true and accurate account provided to the best of my recollection of the events, which took place at (Company Name), (Company Address) on the date and time specified.

Signed ______________Date_________. Mr. Henry Smith – Address: 14 Underway St, Higher Place, Mypad CO14 6P3

Witnessed:____________Date_________. Ms. Veronica Childs – Address: 41 Dome St, Ingleflin, Mydosshole IP1 6P3