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How to write a grievance letter to your employer to enter the grievance procedure

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Need a Grievance Letter to enter the Grievance Procedure at work?

Then do yourself a favour and take a minute or so to read this page. Your employer’s grievance procedure is akin to navigating a minefield unless you know what you are doing.

My name is Sam Stone and I can help you avoid the common pitfalls which most employees’ experience when entering the grievance procedure at work. I have written hundreds of grievance letters for employees’. I have successfully procured settlements for my clients by assisting them in writing a strong letter of grievance outlining the [facts] and the [law]. You can visit my testimonials page with regard to employees’ who I have helped write grievance letters for.

Having personally gone through and experienced what most of you are now suffering, I know first-hand the stress and anxiety you have reached before writing a grievance letter to your employer. By the time most people contact me they are already suffering from work related stress, anxiety, panic attacks and/or depression.

I speak from the heart when I say to you that having been subjected to a systematic campaign of bullying at work myself, I know first-hand the stress and anxiety it causes. The frustration, sleepless nights, heart palpitations and anger you feel now I have already felt, because I have already trodden the path, which you now tread, not once, not twice, but three times.

Given the fact that most employees' have no knowledge of employment law, by failing to write an articulate grievance letter which encompasses both the facts and the points of employment law, you will have played right into your employer’s hands. What many employees’ fail to articulate is that on the balance of probabilities, your employer will likely have an agreement with a law firm who will vet an employee's grievance letter which it receives.

As such, when you lodge your grievance letter with your employer, chances are you think you are dealing with your employer's HR Department. In truth, you are dealing with your employer’s solicitors without ever knowing it. Writing a grievance letter is much like trying to bake bread for the first time; chances are you will get the grievance letter wrong first time around. The difference being, you only get one chance to write your grievance letter!

As of April 6th 2014, the law changed with regards to how an employee must first use ACAS for pre-claim conciliation prior to lodging a claim with the Employment Tribunal. This puts even greater emphasis on the grievance letter, which you submit to your employer to invoke the grievance procedure.

This is why I have written a ‘grievance letter template' to aid employee’s just like you. Truth be told, the grievance letter template gives you an insight into the mechanics of writing a grievance letter to your employer. You do not have to use the grievance letter template verbatim, you can cut and paste in and out what you want. The fact remains the grievance letter template is an 'aid' to assist you in writing a better grievance letter to your employer.   Furthermore, the grievance letter template is broken down into three sections (1) work related stress (2) bullying and harassment at work (3) unlawful discrimination at work.   The ‘grievance letter template' also contains points of law and legal precedents. It uses legal terminology in a way which you can understand. Furthermore, the grievance letter template outlines the steps you want to take before you lodge a grievance letter with your employer to invoke the grievance procedure, and the common mistakes you want to avoid in the grievance procedure.

Within my grievance letter to my employer I claimed discrimination arising from disability; by reason that stress at work triggered and exacerbated my asthma (which is classed as a disability). My GP subsequently signed me off from work with work related stress, panic attacks and depression. Whilst off from work on sickness absence, I spent the next year living in the local law library bottoming the law, with express particular s.13(1); s.15(1)(a)(b); s.19(1)(2)(3); s.20(3); s.26(1)(a)(b)(i)(ii)(4)(5); s.27(1)(2); s.39(2)(4)(5) and s.109(4)(a)(b) of the Equality Act 2010. I also ‘blew the whistle’ under s.43B(1)(b)(d) of the ERA 1996 on my employer's torts.

Furthermore, I asserted my statutory rights under s.44(1)(d)(e) of the ERA 1996 and refused to return to work by reason that my employer had failed to facilitate me with a safe place and safe system of work pursuant to s.1(1)(a) and s.2(1)(2) of the HSAWA 1974, being a working environment free from further harassment and disruption.

Let me tell you something my friend, my employer picked a fight with the wrong employee. As a former boxer I put up a fight which consequentially ran my employer up a legal bill into the tens of thousands of pounds. Every now and again an employer will run into a junk yard dog like me who tears the bastards apart. The fact remains, few employees’ have the stomach to give their employer a good mauling.

However, forewarned is forearmed, writing a grievance letter to enter the grievance procedure is not as easy as you think, especially when you get to the employment tribunal and the respondent’s solicitor points out that you never raised the ‘relevant breaches’ within your grievance letter.

Do yourself a favour and learn what I have learnt about employment law, and the follies of the grievance procedure. Purchasing the grievance letter template aid will be the best twelve quid you will have ever spent – you have my word on it. If you feel the grievance letter template does not aid you in writing a better grievance letter to your employer, call me on 07775 943414 and tell me why, and I will refund your money.

I also write customised grievance letters too. If you need me to write a customised grievance letter to your employer to enter the grievance procedure and raise specific grievances, then contact me on the numbers above (business hours only) or email me.

Take sometime to read through the links on the righthand side of this page. They are there to help you!

Kindest regards – Sam Stone

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